Welcome to Working Taktix - a free to use online game based training tool for helping employability skills.

You are welcome to use any of these applications to help you prepare for your future working opportunities.



These three pre-employment e-learning tools to give students contemplating careers in Hospitality, Care and Retail an insight into the realities of work.

These ‘games’ take a candidate through the first six months of employment from interview stage and test not only their sector knowledge but their entrepreneurial behaviour measured using the ACRO model (attitude, creativity, relationships and organisation).

The games can be played in the classroom, in the workplace or at home.

Both candidate and tutor can track progress and receive feedback on strengths and weaknesses.


The games were developed thanks to funding from LSIS (The Learning and Skills Improvement Service) in 2010 as part of the Flexibility and Innovation Fund. The project was considered innovative as it was designed using feedback from employers as to how ‘work ready’ school/college leavers actually were. Whilst the importance of the academic/vocational skills learned in an educational environment could not be underestimated, employers felt that, in many cases, candidates lacked basic employability skills including problem solving, decision making, motivation, competitiveness and working with others.

The three partner organisations involved in the project were Canterbury College, Business Support Kent CIC and Cyberkix.